Distance not Dissociation Print + Donation

$20.00 CAD - $60.00 CAD
Distance not Dissociation Print + Donation

I will not let my distance become dissociation.

I make this promise, and in ordering a print you are making it alongside me.

We will make a conscious effort, to see through the haze of media and content and avoid the passiveness that we can so easily settle into.

These donations are just a few clicks for us. They cost the same as a few tea lattes or takeout orders.. but every cent is going to people who are making a real difference in the lives of those that are suffering right now.

The $$ paid for this print will go collectively to the  Lebanese Red Cross, Egyptian Red Crescent, Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Jordanian Red Crescent via the IFRC who have been - and continue to be on the ground helping folks in Gaza.

Choose whichever donation amount you are comfortable with. Please note this does not change the quality or number of prints you are getting.

I am absorbing the costs of making prints, as well as shipping so that 100% of your money can go to them so please keep 2 things in mind.

1) if you are a personal friend /acquaintance of mine and can pick up the print from me please do so I can save $ on shipping.

2) shipping will not be quick. I'm sending things regular mail with stamps.

Appreciate all of you !