Cloud City - Hanging Orb

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Cloud City - Hanging Orb

A soft and tiny world, perfectly packed into a plastic orb just for you! Hang it in a window, sit it on a shelf, hold it dramatically in front of you while reciting your favourite poetry.. The sky's the limit!

- Orb is approximately 5.5"
- Sculpted from an air dry foam clay that makes the sculpture light-weight
- coated in a semi-gloss finish

Care instructions:
- Don't pull at the pieces and be surprised when they come off. It is a sculpture, not a mass-moulded hard plastic figure. Treat it with the care it deserves.

- DRY-Dust gently with a micro-fibre cloth or compressed air. If you experience any falls or other accidental damage to the sculpture please contact me. If the break is minimal I will direct you on how to mend it, If it is substantial the sculpture can be mailed back to me for fixing. Cost for fixing and shipping with depend on the sculpture and the damage.

NOTE: My sculptures are only listed for shipping within Canada, but if something speaks to you and you are outside Canada, please reach out and I will do my best to sort out shipping for you!