'Burgs & Mac' Platter

$32.00 CAD
'Burgs & Mac' Platter

Burgs and Mac 🎵 Burgs and Mac, just be careful they bite BACK.

This tempting little platter would look great in that curio cabinet of yours ! Or maybe the window sill? You know the one I mean . Oh ! Actually that's a much better idea, I like how you think. This will look GREAT there.

* Burgs & Mac is a sculpture. It is made of foam clay and resin. Please do not eat it it WILL not taste good, and it MIGHT (will probably) make you sick.


Note: I understand that capitalism has twisted up our concept of value in regards to art .. but these lil sculptures take me hours to make so I have done my best to keep prices accessible while also honouring the time and effort I've put in.