Buggos Keychains

$14.00 CAD - $16.00 CAD
Buggos Keychains

A cute crawly buggo pal to tag along with you on all your adventures!

These Buggos keychains can be purchased as-is or made to order
Please read the whole listing to make sure you order correctly!


To order a CUSTOM Buggo please follow these steps:

1. Refer to the SECOND LAST photo of this listing.

2. Select the NAME of the Buggo type from the drop down menu.
( Prickleback, Buzzer, snuggle Grub etc )

3. click ADD TO CART

4. During Checkout, after entering your contact info you will see a Paypal screen showing your order summary. Click on the text that says "Need to leave a note or instructions?"

5. Enter specifications about your desired buggo colours AND placement in this text box. Please be as specific as you want - if your instructions are not specific I will add my own spin/preference :)

I can make a 2-3 colour marbled affect for *most areas of the buggo EXCEPT for extra small parts like legs, spikes, horns, antenna etc.

Please note: The TYPE of buggo in terms of its included features (legs, wings, horns, number of body sections etc) cannot be customized at this time.


To purchase one of the EXISTING buggos from the listing photos (available at a slightly lower price) please follow the process below:

1. Refer to the NUMBERS beside each keychain on the LAST photo in this listing in order to identify them.

2. Select the Number of the existing buggo you wish to purchase from the drop down.

NOTE: If the number is not in the drop down it means that unfortunately that existing buggo has already been purchased. No worries though! You can easily purchase a custom buggo as per the previous instructions.

Thanks for reading all that! I know its a lot but its all to make sure you have the best possible experience.